Professor .Dr.Phrawidesbrommakun

Professor  Dr. Phrawidesbrommakun

Dear all who are interested in Bodhisastra University,


I am pleased to welcome all of you to our Bodhisastra University. We are most interested in developing your competence to alternative education or freedom of education rather than that in formal education under government control at present which is found different.


I do hope it would be a new choice in bringing human developing into the goodness, beauty and prosperity that are close to the religious and spiritual development especially Buddhism. Buddhism strongly believes in enlightenment principal: mind that has bud or the belief of  disengagement that is inside human’s mind.


The university is confident that everyone can study with us.  Moreover, we intend to give scholarship to those who need financial support for this education in order to expand opportunities to be accessible for people who seek for knowledge.


BODHISASTRA  UNIVERSITY welcomes you all to enthusiastically and broadly study for the sake of peaceful world creation.


Sincerely yours,


Professor Dr.Phrawidesbrommakun

Advisory Board Chairman