Back Ground
Bodhisastra University commit to be an institution that focuses on the core teachings of all religions, to gain access to the know-how that will be
beneficial to living a happy life. We aim to create awareness to develop oneself towards goodness, beauty and prosperity, on the basis of human values ​​in every community.

Bodhisastra University expect to create a diverse range of partnerships with individuals, corporate groups and networks across all countries for spiritual incubation, can accommodate well things, and be able to bring goodness to spread the impact on the person and the social.

Bodhi means to awaken mind, the enlighten mind, or know everything achieving self-Empowerment

Science (or sastra) refers to the knowledge of facts and rules organized in a systematic way. The process or the method of human activities that yields knowledge that can be tested)

Bodhisastra Means the knowledge that surrounds us will bring about the awakening, the enlightenment, or the true knowledge of life. Bodhisastra makes  human beings understanding  and be able to achieve their potential.


State of beliefs

Living conditions of people in developing countries were impacted from global planning, is to create wealth and create quality of life for some people, only about 20 percent of the population of the country. The gap between the wealth of the rich and the poor broader destruction of raw materials, global environmental resources, illicit drugs, crime, accidents, public debt new types of illnesses and disabilities. It has expanded widely in the state’s struggles for development.

Another important development phenomena is a consequence of development. The society has retreated from the religious roots of the mind, Lack of strength Unstable in mental state. It have to push people to the evil way, not enough to consume, and affecting human behavior problems and affect other social problems very much.

One of the most important tools for social and national development is not to enhance the quality of life for all human beings is education. Modern education system under the direction of material growth. The concept and approach of educating people is that graduates of each level need to serve the state, and to serve the economy. They are all used to large capital groups, that will be honor and dignity in society.

The situation and problems of social development and the nation make Bodhisastra University having  a strong belief that :

1) The Social and national development, It should be based on a personal development that is good, based on the fundamental principles of each religion.

2) All human beings should be given the opportunity to learn, to seek an alternative And creating new options for themselves by having a trusting organization in alternative education and systematicly.

3) Education should focus on creating social entrepreneurship. We believe that the wealth of man should be compatible with natural resources and the environment, the hastiness, the less fortunate people in the society.

4) Education should be open to all human beings. Through the telecommunication channel in all forms. It also has the lowest education costs for the underprivileged.

5) The true religion should be encouraged to give people access to the teachings, and realize the value that exists, including the coexistence of each consonant under mutual respect.

The objective

The university aims to:

1) To develop people and society towards prosperity on the basis of the good, the beauty of the religion. And local wisdom in the form of education, training, research in both short-term and post-graduate programs.

2) To create and develop new models and approaches in the development of people and society and  appropriate to the context of modern society. There are human with maturity, and have experience in correcting both their own and collective problems, eave a sense of social problems and responsibility.

3) To develop knowledge and local wisdom. It supports research and also promotes the exchange of knowledge, views and opinions among scholars, and people are interested in general.

4) To provide academic services to the community, focusing on the use of knowledge and technology in the field of education. It can be served and beneficial to the community and make a progress to the country.

5) To instill in the students moral and ethical development, as well as a center for dissemination of ideas and values ​​that promote peaceful coexistence in the global community.

6) To build a learning network and the learning society of the diverse world community. To solve problems and social development together under the respect of different cultures of each local.


The willingness

Co – Learning Space For Cultivating Spirituality

The Vision

The university aims to link learning areas everywhere, work with Education Network For the incubation of the human spirit. To the prosperity of the community and society  on the basis of goodness, beauty, according to the principle of religion and local wisdom

The Mission

It is an educational institution with the goal of teaching and learning at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, research, training and academic continuously and systematically. We have the innovative curriculum integrates with education, economics, society, politics, science, technology and the environment. To develop learners and to meet their own development needs. Community and social development out of suffering And to live together peacefully and happily. It is also conducive to the environment and nature of the world.

Education Management Model

BODHISASTRA UNIVERSITY (BOU.) provides independent religious studies, distance learning, non-profit organizations,  and alternative educational institutions and . We focus on education to create good human being. The motto is The Co-Learning Space for Cultivating Spirituality

The academic gown

The academic gown

The academic gown


Educational Transfer System

Students can apply their knowledge and experience from the education system, non-formal education, Alternative Education, non-formal education. Some of the courses have been transcribed or all the courses in order to shorten entrance into the university. This demonstrates the acceptance of the value of the student’s previous experience and learning.


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